Internet Service Providers

An Internet Service Provider, sometimes abbreviated into ISP is exactly what is sounds like, an organization or business that sells various services that allow the customer to connect to the internet. Cogent and Hurricane Electric are both examples of ISPs, and while both of these companies sell internet access, most internet service providers also sell other services as well. Web hosting is a large amount of ISP profit, because of such high demand.


What is Web Hosting?

A web host is usually comes from a provider (most likely an ISP) or other that has access to a large amount of bandwidth and a data center. The customer pays the provider based off of how large the space may be, and how many IPs there may be.  The provider then gives the customer admin access to the IP address and they will then set up a website on this IP address, and the customer may pay a certain amount per month for access to the IP/multiple IPs.