Using C-Class IPs

C-Class IPs are used by people looking for a little bump in organic views from search engines. Large networks with many computers have similar C-Class IPs, which can be a large red flag from Google if there is too much activity from these networks. When a customer buys an SEO hosting package, the seller gives them access to many C-Class IPs. Now with these IPs addresses, these single networks can appear as many different networks. Google has many different ways it decides to pick front page sites, and one of these ways is link-backs. If there are several different websites that all appear to be connection with one single site, either by citation or just simply mentioning it, Google will take notice. A site that has a lot of buzz around it is something that Google looks for. Nowadays, with so many people with their own pages and thousands of different businesses, it can be extremely hard to get the attention needed to support your business. SEO is a great way to get more bang for your buck, but some tactics can take very large amounts of time and can sometimes be ineffective in certain situations. SEO hosting gives you the chance to host your own network of blogs and sites about your business, and with many different C-Class IPs, your network will be hidden from view. Google will see all of the attention your business is receiving and bump it higher in search queries. Hopefully if your SEO hosting works out perfectly, your business may even be the top result for many hard-hitting keywords! EpicUp for a limited time offers a cheap, effective SEO hosting package using over 200 C-Class IPs, state of the art equipment, and blazing fast servers. If you feel your site isn’t getting the attention it deserves, visit our SEO Servers page!