What is SEO?

The term SEO simply stands for Search Engine Optimization. But what is SEO? SEO can mean many different things, but for anyone trying to run a successful website on the internet, it can be vital. When you type in a query into Google, you find the websites that Google believes to be most relevant to what you searched. Behind that is a battle between hundreds and thousands of sites to gain the highest perch, the top link. Google uses an extremely complicated algorithm that decides what sites will be given to you for a search. A site that has lots of keywords relevant to your search, paired with lots of text with it to help the reader understand what they are seeing, is usually a site that over time ends up being on top. But there is also another part of the algorithm that changes things up, which is where SEO Hosting comes in.

What is SEO Hosting?

One major part of how well a site succeeds is by having lots of links going back to it. If lots of other sites link back to this single site, Google pays a lot of attention to it. If this many other sites are giving one, single site a large amount of attention, Google feels it should be, too. But what does Hosting have to do with this?

Every computer and network has it’s own IP address, like a house or business having a street address. An IP address looks like this:

The third set of numbers, (72) is called the C Class IP. When lots of computers are working together on a single network, they have the same number on every computer for the C-Class IP. To a search engine, this can make the work of many people seem like a single entity. SEO Hosting gives the customer access to hundreds of C-Class IPs, making each different computer seem like many individuals instead of just one computer dumping out lots of searches. This means a single network can host many sites without looking like they all came from the same location. Now set each of these unique IPs with many different sites. The goal of each of these sites is to link back to a single site, (usually one that makes profit) to make Google notice the profit site as quickly as possible. The more random IPs that link back to a single site, the more attention that site gets from Google.